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Tell your biggest geek story and every month someone's story will get picked, we will post all stories for you to view, and eventualy comment, and vote for the Geeks of the Month. The winner will also receive a free T-Shirt. Please keep visiting to read the latest Geek Stories!

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Pacific Geek Stories

"I once went to an orgy and spent the entire time debugging the wifi network on the hosts Windows based multi-media system."

Rob, West Chester, PA

"Yes, I am a geek, I found my self asking others about the Color of DATA from startrek and how it changed over the years. From when they found him to when he died. And I also cryed when captain Kirk died both times. LOL "

Clint Burton , Kansas City

"BLablablabl bla i have been an electronics/computer nerd from age 1 instead of going to class in high school i would get called out of class to the principals office just to fix there computers i would walk around school messing with the schools systems. i never leave well enough alone i like tinkering and making well enough better and i like it but what can i say that the other guy hasn't come up with already theres not much that i can say except i doubt i would where the shirt i mean you would serously have to be a Geek to where a geek shirt it takes a different lvl of pride lol with that said good luck to all"

Tym, Breaux Bridge / LA

"Although the Sacramento location of my employer's corporation has no IT support, I have been made the unofficial IT support person. I address everything from hardware to software to networking problems in the building, then go back to my actual job duties. In my free time, I like to program, read books on computers, physics and other science-related topics. My husband says he has to look at my picture to remember what I look like, as my face is always in a computer or a book. Hence, people call me a geek."

Laurie Dunfield-Baker, Sacramento, CA

"I am a 54 yr old retired woman who new nothing about computers until 5 yrs ago. I just finished building my 4th computer from scratch...and modded to the hilt! Just call me Blue Mama Now I spend my time teching and modding all my friends' computers. So much for retirement!"

Gina, Columbus, OH

"My kids think I have turned into a computer geek and Im starting to believe them!How suprising at the age of 54 I can now do alot of thing and understand what Im doing to fix my own computer it has become like a second laungage to me!"

Deb, Aurora

"I pronounce "lol" as a word."

don schrank, baraboo wi

"have for years been doing what ever it takes to make the impossable possable, when i couldnt afford, even a p1 systems i begged or borrowed 486/33 and ran them toghter to get somehting close, now that im older and a little bit more money , i do similiar things even down to building my own enclosed flight simulator that even pitches rolls and yaws to input form the joy stick all with the help of bungeecords and lawn chairs"

michael hamilton, louisville, ky

"One computer related class I was in had us doing math problems in different number base systems from binary (2) to dodecahedral (12). I was never able to ascertain just WHY, other than to see how warped out thought patters could get. Today I can carry out a complete conversation without having eavesdroppers being able to understand what is being said."

Bob Thiry, Sacramento CA

"Fixed 15 pcs with damage due to lightning two weeks ago."

Paul McLaughlin, Quincy/MA

"All the people in my office call me for computer help....I have to be a geek...I love my computers"

Kathleen Crozier, Sevierville, TN

"After much on-line research & a phone call to a Tech Guru, I added more RAM to my pc! WOO-HOO! :)"

Diana Sandoval, Rockville, MD

" My alias is Silversinksam, I'm so much of a geek that I test thermal pastes for Computer enthusiasts. If you do a Google search of Silversinksam and the word Silver, you will see over a thousand sites know who I am and that I'm a geek :) There should be a Wilkopedia reference to the Word Geek and have my picture. I also protect members of from Trolls, that's not to Geeky, but I am a Geek. :) Silversinksam"

Samuel Green, Sarasota, FL

"At 2 years old I had taught my daughter to use the TiVo. At 3 I set her up with her own email to chat with her grandparents. At 6, she tells me when I am allowed to use the computer!"

Rob, West Milford

"I have my puter on 24/7"


"I have to go to a freinds apartment at leasst once a week cause she is computer 'ill literate' ;) usually all i have to do is hit cont alt del and get rid of the program that is locking up her system"

jl gatewood, saugus ma

"I am so much a Geek that I cannot ride my bicycle without a computer mounted to analyze my ride data!! I get home, cool off and download my ride to my home computer."

tony martinez, el paso, tx

"Currently, we have 2 computers and 2 laptops hooked up on our wireless network. I just aquired my laptop because I was jealous of my wife (Respect2Glory) surfing on hers while we're watching tv. Gees, now we don't even turn the tv on... we're so busy reviewing freeware that we don't even think about the tv anymore, and we're sitting on the couch, in the livingroom, in front of the tv. Clif Clif_Notes freeware and website reviews"

Clif Sipe, Celina OHIO

"Installed everything from the OS to the Encyclopedia on 8 computers on 1 day, 4 years ago due to some kid downloaded a virus on an Cyber Cafe..."

Peter, National City

"when i was working i had everyone in the shop ask me electronic quetions ,my boss would call me over the intercom when his computer would freeze up or he had a question even in my nieghborhood im called at all hours of the day and night when something is on the fritz im self taught so i dont know the technical words for stuf just blessed enough to be able to figure them out my wife gets mad because 90% of the time i dont charge anyone ,or ill barter me and my son wait on the sci fi movies we love them all also im considered a geek because i have had the same clothes for years i alway say i come back in style every 5 yrs i enjoy your web sight and recently ive fell down my steps and no im disabled wich limits my cash so i cant really buy anything but your sight is like a wish book i have 2 dell notebooks to repair and need the power cables and i found them on your sight ,sometimes i feel so stupid not knowing the tech terms for stuf i guess im a country geek duh!!!!! thank you ted"

ted roebuck, 612 5th st. ,ellwood city ,pa 16117

"I am the original Pacific Geek because I noticed right away that you used the wrong form of "your" in the following sentence: "Please tell us why your the original Pacific Geek. " It should be you're (you are), not your (possessive pronoun). Pretty geeky, huh?"

Corinne Goodson, La Porte, IN

"I'm a geek because I work for "

Mitch, Las Vegas, NV

"I have been programming computers since 1959, including wiring boards for code. Know machine and assembler language for:univac I, ibm 704, 709,7094,360,1620,cdc 160a, cdc6600, ncr 304,rca 1802, intel8008, z80, ti9900,intel8086, presently teaching assembler for intel pentium."

John D. Owens, Staten Island, NY

"One of my goals is to find a way to finally add my VIC 20 to my network.... need I say more"

DAVID ARCHIBALD, peterborough, ont

"The rest of my story... I used it with the Z80 computer I built (like with a soldering iron, not just putting together pre-manufactured boards) and it had 8" SSSD floppy drives. It used to shake the table as the heads loaded and unloaded. But, it worked and ran DBase II and a bunch of other applications for me. And the OS took about 30K of disk space. I still do Geek Retro now and then. I love showing up at a meeting with a slide rule...and using it."

Steve Nordhauser, Troy, NY

"Running Linux and BSD since 1997, Unix since 1979, Cp/m and Heath DOS prior to that... I build, rebuild, PCs, Macs, Alpha systems... I try to not power up all the 80 computers in my house at one time, as it dims the lights in the local stores down the street! Always putting into computers something that is 'over the top' technologically, something 'Buck Rogers', that sometimes becomes 'Duck Dodgers'! I am building a Beowulf Cluster of 15 Celerons on PcChip boards, with PXE etherboot, on racks of pvc pipe, using one PSU to power every three boards. Just to demo how cheap a Beowulf Cluster can be, using in-expensive parts, Cluster Linux! "

Patrick, Casselberry, Florida

"chatting in web too a freind abought a p4 systom i wanted found it for 3bills someone asked p4? wats that im 50 and i know wat a p4 is "

RevRichard Clubbs, mt vw hi.

"I, like many others who shop at Pacific Geek, always end up fixing the computers of every person they know.... for free. I'm 36 and have owned a Timex Sinclair 1000, a Commodore 64, a TI99/4a, and numerous PC's over the years (I'll never own a Mac). I always find a way to do something for $200 with a PC that costs a computer ID-10-T over $2000. My latest project is a Windows XP Media Center worth about $125 in parts, not including the 2400 lumen LCD projector (Wow, your TV's 52 inches? Mines 8 feet wide..!). The best thing about fixing PC's is that it's MUCH cleaner than being an auto mechanic, yet equally as frustrating.... I mean challenging. Thanks for the great deals, Pacific Geek!"

Jon Gaudette, Orlando, FL

"I buy computers to learn a new OS (to me at least). ie. Bought a used Sun box to learn UNIX. Have two incredible (Sun E450, Dell PowerEdge 2450)servers at home to play with. Program in 6 languages (only speak one). Passed CALC I (first time) in a 5 week summer course w/o pre-reqs. Degreed in Fine Arts (as in artist) w/o any painting or drawing. Described by friends as a New Age Renaissance Man. AND latest new words (acronyms) are IDGASAM and YBINGA."

Tom, Bellaire, Texas

"I achieved two college degrees in computer science, I help all the people I can, which usually prevents me from making a lot of money. I adore the female species ultimately. My memory has helped me achieve my goals, but my age seems to prevent me from being hired where I want to be hired! I am an honorably discharged veteran who was in the UDT in the middle 1960's."

Daniel R Vallero, Tucson, AZ;Las Vegas, NV

"I passed by a men's magazine cover once that read "The IT Girls." I got REALLY excited when I thought of hot I.T. chicks in server rooms posing in sexy and provocative clothing. It turned out that they mean the "IT" girls and not the "I.T." girls. I was severely disappointed. I was really hoping to see hot chicks who could optimize a DB or debug some JAVA. Oh well. Really though - someone needs to do a "GIRLS OF I.T." issue in Maxim or something! It gives geeks like me hope! I hope to one day talk to a woman."

Noel, Pasadena / CA

"I was working for about 4years when all of a sudden I get fired. Since then I had been getting into computers and the components surrounding it. Anyway, for a few months bored outta my mind, I had a few subwoofers, about six shelf speakers, and a Yamaha Receiver all hooked up to a 6.1 channel sound card on my computer. I still don't know what to name it, but so far I guess it could be a 6.3 surround sound system(6spkrs./3subs.)! I just bought another dual 6 1/2" subwoofer with built in tweeters and am anxiously awaiting certain cables to be delivered so I can then hook that up. All I know is, so far, this system blows the s_ _t outta your digestive system just being near my room. Imagine when I hook up the new speakers..."

goodvibez, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I have been a geek my entire life. In high school, I was in the math club, physics club, and was co-captain of the academic team. I like knowing things for knowing things sake. In college I majored in mathematics, and liked it so much I got my Master's. Admittedly it was a bit esoteric, but who cares? It was cool. Now, I am a programmer. I program all day at work and for fun I program at home. Now, I have three kids, and am raising them to be geeks too. I'm a geek, and proud of it. That's what makes me the biggest geek, I've always been one and never tried to do anything to make myself not one. (The orgy guy would be close, except for the fact that he actually got invited to an orgy.)"

Anthony , Fort Smith, AR

"I fixed everyone's computers who posted this month. : )"

Mike, Fairborn, Ohio

"my mp3 player is loaded with (among other things) a game soundtrack i ripped from a ps2 rom"

iain cohn, medford, NJ

"I'm a 50 year old woman who loves her computer, her ipod video, her razor cell phone, her every other kind of electronic toy imaginable. I play a text-based rpg game (gemstone), i play DAOC, i collect dragons (over 300) and jfk political buttons, my favorite author is Orson Scott Card, though my alltime favorite book is Stranger in a Strange land. My children come to me for computer help (and useage, we have 3 networked in our home). I never pay a bill in person, all my banking is done online, and if that's not wierd enough, i love renfests. I even had a professional picture done of me with elf ears! My family thinks i'm "eccentric" i call me a geek. sad but true."

Janie Heniford, Ponca City, OK

"I am the biggest geek because when I got a great deal on some surplus computers and bought a bunch of them the people at work said but don't you have enough computers? I still don't understand the concept. I mean can anyone have ENOUGH computers?.... "

Annie, Salt Lake City

"Recently won a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey and about until two hours before my spouse and I had to leave I was on the internet writing for Judys Book as an Expert Shopper for Computers so that I could get my quota in. Next morning in Jersey my spouse looked at me and said "What, No internet?" I don't own yet a notebook and I realized my occupation online actually was his only releived he looked that he would actually have 5 days with me, no interference from my cpu! I actually waited 4 hours upon returning home to get back online. I mean, I did have to put the clothes away (LOL)!"

Denise DiFalco, fair haven, MI 48023

"My wife used to work 3-11. She always wanted to talk when she got home. Of course, I was in bed at that time since I had to be up at 5 AM. One night, I was talking to her and she asked me what I was talking about. I asked her what I had said. When she told me, I realized I had told her how to install a Network Card. Each step was correct too."

Trey Grant, Hendersonville, Tennessee

"PacificGeek is where I spend my time and my money....not to mention the speed in which they ship!! A all around great place!!!"

William Russell, Jerseyville, IL.

"Biggest Geek this. I have 2 computers,6 Treo Smartphones, 4 Palm PDA's, Slingbox and Humax Series 2 with DVD recorder. Enough said."

Jim Swift, Renton, WA

"I actually read your ads and offers: - I would want to buy just one at a time, not 100 at once, IF I bought them.... see attached picture of your Dell keyboard offer page today. ($4.99 vs. 2.99) Because of my name, I have been called Geeky all my life! (just 2 letters off)"

Jack Greenky, Rochester NY

"when I check the inventory on your site many times I don't know what it is, but I want one..."

Zella, valparaiso in



"I am the biggest geek because 19hrs. out of the day i am on the computer and spending the rest of the time talking about the computer or sleeping where i like to spend time in bed with my lap top and even fallasleep with it in bed.the main thing is that i love to download and studdy different ideas over the web and did i mention that i would love to become a sys. builder.well see you on line gotta go get my giga bytes.fred"

fred ferguson, chesterfield,Mi.

"The mystery of binary and my hardwired and passion to build and use things founded in this mystery is how I can get lost in time (and miss appointments, aggrevate my wife, leave ongoing builds and components and books lying ALL over the house even though I have a workroom and a shop/photo studio 674' from my house). And oh yeah, instead of using a laptop around the house or wireless, I just build another system and install and drop a wire through the wall to it where this new location is (beside the living room couch, throwing my wireless to the wired network in my shop, separate systems for my weather station, file storage). And another- I love to pick up discarded systems from our city recycling location that have been rained on and make them work again (usually!) and then I always have a spare to give away to whoever needs to be exposed to the 1 and 0 thing. Done."

Brent M, Little Rock

"I built a computer from spare parts I got while dumpster diving at the GOOD WILL STORE. The computer is a 2.6 Pentium4, 512 megs of ram, 60gb hard drive, 480 watt PS, beige case which I painted paisley with paint from the dumpster, 15 inch Epson LCD monitor (yes, from thedumpster, Dell keyboard and mouse also from the dumpster and and amplifier and JBL speakers also from the dumpster. Literally every part, piece and cable were retrieved from this same dumpster over a 9 month period. The operating system is windows 2000 advanced server and it has Microsoft office 97 (both legal beccause I have the license stickers). This is a complete working system complements of Good Will Industries and Dempster Dumpster. Is that ultimate geek or what? "

John, Statesville, NC

"When my son was 5 months old, we bought our first computer, a TI99-4A. I used great. When Nintendo came out, I refused to buy one for my son. I saw his friends becoming intellectual vegetables in front of the game consoles. I wasn't going to have that in my house! When my son was 7, although he begged me for a Nintendo, instead I gave him a programming manual and told him if he made his own games, he could play them all he wanted to! I recall him programming his first ball bouncing around the screen on our old Commodore 64! He was one excited 7 year-old! Through the years, I taught him auto-cad on an old HO-3 (with CP/M-86 as the operating system.) He went onto learn everything I taught him, and far more! In high school, he took computer classes at the local college, I ran LAN parties nearly every week-end for years with tons of teens at our house. He went onto becoming a network administrator, engineer & repairman. He maintains his on-line MUD games as well, just for fun! :)"

Carol Reid, Ojai, CA

"I ordered my first Nooner from my BlackBerry because there were only 9 left and I would've never gotten home in time."

Jason Beldin, Benicia, CA

"I actualy got a dreaded "cup holder" call. I was working as a tech support rep for a large ISP and a woman called saying she new her CD-ROM drive was not a cup holder but had no idea that it had a time out sequence which after it automaticaly closed. It dumped a whole cup of coffee into her PC. Why she thought calling her ISP would help is beyond me. Joe"

Joe, Fall River, MA

"I bought the first available home computer, Radio Shack 100, taught myself basic and wrote programs that got me college credit back in 1972 (Date not exact). Since getting hooked I have owned 15 computers. I keep them working, I have an IBM 286, pre 95 windows, 386, 486, pentiums, AMD dual core 64. I love to interface the machines to the real world and have almost finished a CNC router to engrave pictures for a hobby. I have never done anything manually that I could do with a computer since 1972. I make my own breakout and driver boards for my projects and love the challenge of getting an old machine to fire up and work again. I get lots of free computers from people who upgrade or let their machine die or get virus ridden. I have had to move my stuff to a little shop to keep domestic peace. I am a cheap packrat geek. I find uses for everything. I built a DIY alum. can crusher from a discarded lift chair, works like a charm and 100% free. Built a 2 axis solar tracker."


"I still have my first computer a Radio Shack TRS-80 (1977) and still play blackjack and T-Bug on it. I got it because a very good friend of mine in Sunnyvale, CA was one of the designers of the Zylog Z-80 microprocessor. The Z-80 was "Light Years better than Intel." I have been working @ my hobby and getting paid for it for 30 years. I have my MCSE, CCNP and Master Cert in Applied Project Management. I think I can honestly say that I have had to forget more Information Technology than current college and post grads even know. I cannot think of any other career a person could get into back in the 70's, even without a college degree, where they would pay you VERY good to break their stuff and then pay you to fix it. I still chuckle all the way to the bank ;-) My Job Title is - Information Technology Thaumaturgist. I believe that I am the only person in the world with my job title. You will probably have to go to the dictionary to find out what it is ;-)"

Denis Long, Portland, OR

"I got tired of replacing hard drives so I decided to call a drive MFR for a replacement drive after the 12th Drive died in 4 months I called the Prez and they decided to hire me as a Field Tester Now I have Hard drive On the brain I get to destroy them drives I turned my den into Hard Drive Destruction And Museum Central My Wife Uses dead drives to level tables Now They also make great Lawn decorations In Brick Walls"

David Vorhies, El Dorado Springs, MO

"I am such a geek...that in high school, I was so into computers that at lunch one day I played games on a TRS-80 Model III through a whole session of a girl trying to flirt with me and I didn't realize it til my friends told me about it."

J.K., Hernando Co., FL

" In 2004 ...came out to prescott to visit brother. He ask do you know anything about computers?I said no-nothing . Within the hour I was installing linix-suse in 4 computers. It took about 12hours to finish. After I had finished.He asked: Now do you know anything now..about computers. Just what I installed. lol Now can't stop building Gis/programing for his computers to sell. "

Robert Veach, Prescott,Arizona

"Well I am not a true geek because technology has passed me by. However, a few summers ago, at The University of Minnesota, I was trying to figure out if a young student was going to cross in a cross walk or not. After several mixed signals, I elected to move ahead and sure enough if she didn’t decide to step out at the same time. She yelled “Moron" and I stopped the car - got out - and yelled back..... Yes you are right, I am a Mormon. Thank you! She had not reply and just stood with mouth dropped as I drove past her. "

Dennis William Small, albuquerque, NM

"I am so geek, I work at playboy ;) (really.. trace my ip) Is PG hiring? =D"

Jose Romero, Rocklin, CA

"I am the only person I know to own a collection of Feeping Creatures, and get the joke. I type on a Dvorak keyboard (yeah, I'll bet you had to Google that!). I freaking dream about tetris. I have dual 19" LCD monitors, using compiz to create 10 virtual desktops. And even that wasn't enough -- I use a g15 keyboard to get that extra screen real estate on it's LCD. I have an infrared trigger on my door that automatically notifies me if my door is opened and pauses my music. Did I mention: my computer desk functions as my bed side stand?"

Jack, Kent, Wa

"I dream in Binary! 01001001 00100000 01100100 01110010 01100101 01100001 01101101 00100000 01101001 01101110 00100000 01000010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00100001 There are 10 types of people in this world those who understand binary and those that dont."

Dustin Zimmerman, Baton Rouge, LA

"Im a new geek! I won a GC to your store and bought a new laptop with it. It surpasses my expectations by 1000% My $100.00 laptop is fast accurate can open 25 windows at a time without freezing up (the laptop I bought previously for $600.00 froze every time!) My husband has a hard time pulling me away from work now. I am now a new lifetime customer! I love being a geek!"

Eva Daniell, Cedar Creek, TX

"I'm not just a geek (So my friends tell me), I am The Gizmologist! Why should I win the shirt? Because I actually enjoy watching my computer Defrag!! Additionally, I know how to spell, and how to use the "Shift" key on my keyboard. I am also old enough to remember when computers used punch cards and NOBODY needed a computer in their home!"

ANNETTE Sostarich, Marana, AZ

"In my garage I have: Dell 6650 4 U server, Dell 2970 2U server, both running VMware. With a thin client/server system based on Linux so that I can PXE boot my 1/2 dozen old workstations (all with LCD monitors) and RDP into virtual desktop machines. This is all just for my local computer network for my family."

Brian Sitton, Pflugerville, Texas

"Plug them in and watch them die. I have killed 90% of the computer gear. Its simple some one watches me. Plug it in, install, and it dies. Best one was a Hp tape backup, I got it to work by placing in the refridge at 39 d.F. Explained to HP and promptly got a replacement. A few times I had a friends plug it in or installed a program. INSTANT death "

Ron, Carlsbad, ca

"I run the biggest zombie game, and zombie book site on the internet (, and The zombie game site was actually in PC Gamer. I own over 500 pc games and (have the pics to prove it!). I bought my kids domain names as soon as they were born. I go to places like Goodwill, Big Lots, and Half Priced books just to buy cheap PC games for my collection. I think the outer limits was the greatest show ever made! "

Jason Brown, Bellevue NE

"I don't know if I'm the biggest geek or not but I'm definitely a geek. I'm a do it yourself kind of guy. I know a little bit of everything. I've done drafting, architecture, Electronics, plumbing, light construction, car repair, landscaping, cooking, computer repair since age 18 / programming since 12. I've used every version of Microsoft OS since DOS 2.0, dabbled with Linux and Unix. I have built and loaded all my own computers except my current Laptop. 20 years electronic and computer repair. IT Professional and MCP since 2000. I have my own domain running @ home including at least 2 servers and 7 or more workstations on any given day. I'm currently going back to school for Computer Programming and Web development at 39. Who does that? a geek! "

Shannon, Riveeerview,MI

"I love cheap, fast and good, a good price makes my day nice. Gabe."

Gabriel Castro, Round Rock, TX

"My home lab consists of: 12' x 24' room loaded with: 1 Juniper SSG 20 Firewall w/ Wifi, Deep Inspection, Anti-Virus, NATing, MIPs, VIPs & VPNs 3 Dell PII running bind converted to MyDNS. 1 Dell 2650 music / videos 10 Dell 6650s w/Dual 900 W P/Ss, 5 Hot Swap 147 GB SCSI drives 1 OS 4 RAID5 data. 8 GB Memory, 2GB Eth ports. 2 VMware servers with Juniper Junos router Labs. Plus many different OS Linux Solaris Cisco NSM IDP STRM etc 1 mail server 2 web servers 1 machine running live chat 1 for other tools 1 for network monitoring w/ Nagios 1 Backup server 1 Database 1 machine I use to manage & connect to everything Rooted G1 (need upgrade) w/ Tethering 4 Switches 72 U rack to rack most of it Rack fan & AC keeps things cool Rack Mount monitor, keyboard & mouse. 12 port KVM switch upgading Cisco 2511 console server 2 Document Scanners 1 Mini-Laptop 1 1GB External Drive Buying J-2300 & SSG 20 I don't know, Think I qualify? Ran out of comment space for all my Geekness. :)"

Scott Dennis, Ogden, UT

"You are the third E-commerce site this week that I am buying something from, just because I cannot resist!! I'm also the go to guy when people have computer issues that they know can be solved and won't cost mucho dinero."

Tom, Houston,Texas

"I may not be thhe biggest,however,I am the GEEKIEST-you see oneday I was cruising amongst the civillian folks 'n' what do think I see? a large projectile with my name on it,so without ear protection I assemble myself for lunch on the hunch. I'd be leaving the scene traceless beyond cognition of friends"

Grant, Hopkins

"Always looking for cheap (but good quality) parts to help seniors get on line."

Jean Gill, Friendswood,TX

"My place is a nest of cables. I have two routers to support most of my wired hardware, and should be picking up a switch instead, given the situation. Two computers live in my bedroom and are always running, with a server on the way to fit in a LackRack, as well as an xbox 360, an OnLive MicroConsole, and a first generation Roku. One of my displays is a television, to which I have connected an antenna I built myself. This antenna, when properly positioned, gets about 24 channels. I've also got a tablet and an ebook reader, each of which are on their way, and can't get here fast enough. In addition, I work technical support for a large four letter company name. I'm comfortable troubleshooting software and hardware that I can't even see sometimes. For the tl;dr crowd: 3XL. That's how big of a geek I am. :)"

Justin Hobley, Tampa, FL

"Let's see, not just a geek but a retrogeek - a terrible affliction, according to my wife! I still have my first computer, a heavily modified/upgraded H89 I built in 1983, and rebuilt with an Ampro LittleBoard for a cpu after it got zorched by lightning when I moved to Florida in 87. My garage is filled with old computers. I'm a semi-avid collector of DOS subnotebooks - Poqet, Zeos Pocket PC, old HP OmniBook. I've got burn scars from grabbing a soldering iron from the wrong end. My home office is filled with ham radio gear and old stereo components, most of 'em more or less working. I'm working on that. I build and maintain networks for a living. I am never more than a dozen steps from a stash of chocolate. My courtship with my wife (mostly emails and chat sessions from before Al Gore's invention of the Internet) is backed up on a 1/2" 9 track tape. I could go on and on, which is an indication of geekiness all its own, but here I will rest. Time to eat pizza. "

Bruce, Gator Country

"11 Servers in rack in DINING ROOM, including a couple of SUN Workstations. 48.5Tb of Disk Storage. Couple of printers (incl. one old chain printer). Static IPs, my own domain - IN MY APARTMENT."

Ed, Lebanon, IN

"I'm an old geek - I remember using punch cards and slide rules. Back then we only had 1's and 0's. And 1's were in short supply. Seriously, I've hand assembled code for 6809's, 68000's and other processors. For you whippersnappers, "hand assembled" means having the op-code list, looking up the hex codes, counting offsets, using a monitor program or putting hex code in EPROM and getting results on very basic displays or out of registers. I did an elaborate memory test on a 68000 memory card that I designed, maybe 150 lines of code that way. We all knew the ASCII tables without thinking. My hex math skills were better than my decimal. Try this - in college we took a memory card for the S-100 bus that used 4K static RAM chips and hacked it to take 16K chips - got a full 64K of RAM running CP/M if you loaded it from paper tape or cassette. Eventually I built a Heathkit H-19 ASCII terminal from a kit - I had 80 characters per line and was in heaven. "

Steve Nordhauser, Troy, NY

"I'm a 63 yr old grandma of 5 grandchildren. How I turned into a geek I'll never know. I bought my first computer when my 17 yr old grandson was 4. We both learned, sitting in the same chair at the computer and he's now a game programming student and we build computers together. My living room looks like a geek lab but then I've always said that a living room is for living and this is my life!"

Sally Hindley, Navarre/Ohio

"I am a member of the US Air Force. After I volunteered to go to Afghanistan, I started packing my duffelbag. When I was finished I realized that I must be the biggest geek in the desert. In my bag I had: A convertable notebook/tablet PC the Targus DEFCON 1 Notebook Security Device with motion detector (purchased from Pacific Bluetooth Headset Bluetooth USB Dongle My Nokia 6600 cellphone with MP3 player, Smart Movie player, and GameBoy/NES emulators installed on a 1GB MMC card full of MP3s, ROMs, and movies I encoded myself. Wireless Router Various retractable cables and connections USB MMC/SD adaptor/thumb drive 2 1GB SD Cards 5MP digital camera with MPEG4 encoding USB Mini Web FlexCam so I can video conference with my wife back home. 250 GB hard drive wich I installed in an enclosure CD wallet full of DVDs and another CD wallet full of blank CD-Rs. I'm deploying with the Army, and I'm sure I'm the reason they call the Air Force the "Chair Borne Rangers!""

Matt Potts, Universal City, TX

"I've had my own PC since they first became available to the public. Anyone remember the days of DOS? I learned what every command in DOS did. I crashed my computer six times AND fixed it myself after the first two times. I work on a computer all day at work. I really missed DOS when Windows appeared, but rallied to the change and learned just about every trick you could find in Windows. I am the "guru" for our department. People call me before they call the Help Desk because they know they'll get the right answer faster that way. Sometimes they call the Help Desk, and THEN they call me when they get an "Gee I don't know" answer. When I call the Help Desk, they groan. When I get home from work the first thing I do is turn on my computer. I do all my own upgrades - hardware and software and love tinkering with computers. I'm more of a software geek than a hardware geek, but have a lot of fun solving hardware problems when the need arises. "

Kathi Carlson, Minneapolis, MN

"Its a wonderful site to get the wonderful items in unbeliebable wondferful price."

Puja Sharma, 6927 Oak Plaza Apt # 405 Omaha NE

"Well you you may not believe this but I was born standing with guitar in my hand-though to create novel sounds I enlisted other cast off's by societal standards his was the '70's ,such that I had idiosyncracies analygous with geeks. The War as Barking the Government sticcado,therefore Uncle Sam called me for Viet Nam while was in last year of high school circa... Priorly I was Deferred by falling off a roofing job me and my father were attempting brok neck fell on face,to add insult to injury was kiilled in a car accident 4 years to the week later-residuals had me comatose for a complete gestion Period of my son,who also is an attorney -Here is my claim to the Geek by Default-I Attempt to build Computers again-I don't ambulate-Short Term Memory Sucks Wind Therefore -I'm out of the wheelchair-I attended Law School while Student taught at a Junior College. Intermediate College Algebra and the head of mathematics department circa '77 "

Grant Doc Hopkins, Elgin/Illinois 60123

"My FIRST system was an IMSAI 8080, and since then I have never looked back. I've ATTENDED a meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club that STARTED Jobs and WOZ on their way.I have owned and built everything from a BYTE-8 all the way to the COMPAQ PROLIANT 3000 Server that is sitting next to me. I even was part of the development team that DESIGNED and BUILT the CRAY X-MP and Y-MP supercomputers. I am a member of I OWN most software releases from CP/M 2.2 to NT 4.0 SERVER. Talk about " Al Gore invented the Internet "? I was PART of " The Internet " as I maintained a UUNET NODE with my UNIX SYSVR4 386 system. My laptop is a COMPAQ 1750 that has been hotrodded with a 256Mb SODIMM and a PIII processor. $200 for EVERYTHING. There are 10 computers and motherboards just IN THIS ROOM. I WAS the A/V department in High School. I OWNED a slide rule that hung on a belt loop and know how to use it. ( $30 NEW in those days ) I grew UP in California. I AM in California! "

Art Blackwell, Mtn. View, CA



"I am a 50 year old Grandma and I can't go a day without being online. My kids call me "ANNIE ONLINE" I love it!! When I first started several years ago I didn't know a thing now I can built webpages!! :o)"

Annie Arguin, Haverhill, MA

"I'm running a home LAN with 6 puters on it, and all they do 24/7 is run S.E.T.I. (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). "

Tom, Tipp City, Oh

"I was Born a Geek & besides anyone who would live in a place called Big Flat? ( Big Flat What?)"

Don, Big Flat Ar 72617

"I have 21 computer in my house in different states of repair or working. Just love to get an old dog going again and give them to folks who need to get started computing. "

Doug Maguire, duluth, mn

"I'm the biggest geek because when some of my friends have problems they call on me to try to help fix the problem. Whether it be computer or cellphone or some kind of electronics they call me for advice. Plus i have also built my own computer from scratch. So yes I do feel like I am a geek."

Linda J WIll, Old Bridge, NJ

"I run 64 bit MS Windows 7 in emulation mode on a Kaypro II with a Z-80 microprocessor. Because the Z-80 is 8 bit and runs at 2.5 MHz (overclocked to 4.0!), the first card has yet to move in Solitaire."

jerry Sukel, Fox River Grove, IL

"well i got an old 1998 compaq that wasent'n working fix it up i found a dell case thron out painted it fix it change the cables and modified it so it can work with my old motherboard the pc is working fine all i need is a 256mb memory stick and is good to go.i would have bought a better pc but i dont have the kind of money not even to upgrade the memory but iam planing on trying to upgrade it."

jony, miami fl

"I have this recurring dream where I am floating in a pool full of of Campbells Alphabet Soup letters and the letters are spelling out lines of code. As I swim around in it, the general mish mash violates the laws of entropy by further refining and debugging itself into the ultimate killer application."

Mitch Bird, Siloam Springs, AR

"Geeks are cool.I wish I had one of my own.Because it ain't easy learning computer.When I don't know what I'm doing."

Donald McCoy, Sanger Ca

"self taught PC and web geek"

Sean, Portland, OR

"I'm so geeked that I have cycling computer software to go home after sweating my brains out on my bike to analyze my cycling data. Your T-shirt would make a great after ride addition to our Bull Session."

Tony S. Martinez, El Paso, Texas

"I am looking for a computer to run an Enterprise version of Oracle 10g on top of VMware for a class that I am taking right now."

Deb Noll, Dover, PA

"My car is a mobile wi-fi hotsopt. Two people can literally surf the internet from the backseat on their laptops. I also have a webcam installed on the back of the rear view mirror so that when I travel my family and friends can see where I am going . I am working on setting up a rear view camera with a 5 inch LCD on the dash. How geeky is this! Al"

Allen, Lousiville, KY

"I built my first Computer with a kit in 1973. It was a Sol20 By Processor Technology"

Howard Dimmick, Zephyrhills FL 33541

"I'm so much of a geek, I've put together my own computer and fixed it adding things to it for over 25 yrs. Plus, I play games alot and like computer programming in Powerbasic for DOS. I've collected through the past alot of parts related to computers than you can shake a stick at. I'm a computer parts pack rat."

Russell Meyers, Decatur, IL

"I'm 50-year-old-broad geek. I taught my sons when they were five and eight respectively DOS commands since I thought that Windows 3.1 was a gigantic waste of resources. Some things never do change, do they? My first computer was a VIC 20, followed by a Commodore 64, then an old Emerson 286, then merrily up the chain to my current Dell 3.4 ghz etc. Now I want a Netbook. A pink one - so when I'm the complex basement doing laundry I can still get online. I got my last four jobs online. I'm a PC tech, of course. I bank online. I bought my car insurance online, pay almost all of my bills online (where possible). When I got myself a used car last month I researched the dealership online, got the car VINs in advance and went to Carfax to make sure I was looking at good vehicles. I buy most of my clothing, household goods, etc. online. My local grocery store has delivery from an online storefront, and I'm seriously considering using it. Yes, I am an old broad geek and proud of it!"

Linda, Springfield, IL

"I guess I'm Mr. Fix-it when it comes to the family computer's.Network,Dsl,Software,Hardware,Won't boot up,Spyware,Virus,Popups,You name it,They all come to me to fix-it.The truth is I'm just(Dad)and somehow it always gets fixed. "

David Segala, North Adams Ma.

"Dude. No life. No girls. No partying. Just this stuff. I think I really deserve a T-shirt to make up for it. Electrician / HVAC/ Locksmith/Safeman/Computer Repair/Computer Network/Gunsmith/Security/Security Management/Electrical Engineering Tech WHY I THINK I AM THE BETTER CHOICE. * My broad range of training and skills. * Having trade licenses. * My professional memberships. * Years of experience in various trades. * Willingness to upgrade my skills. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE * Over 10 years experience as a licensed electrician. * Over 10 years experience as a licensed HVAC technician. * Over 10 years experience as a locksmith. * Journeyman Safe Cracker. * Computer Repair Skills. * Computer Programming Skills. * Computer Networking Skills. * Multiple Security Skills. * Gunsmithing Skills. * Multiple Certifications. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Day & Zimmerman - 2008 -2008 AEP Carbo, VA Besco - 2008 - 2008 Oak Ridge Henkels and McCoy - 2008 - 2008 Elizabethon Tn Substation Journeyman Wireman - 2007 - 2007 GUBMK, John Sevier Steam Plant Journeyman Wireman - 2007 - 2007 Pritchard Electric, John Amos Journeyman Wireman - 2006 - 2007 Henkels & McCoy, Boone Dam Journeyman Wireman - 2006 - 2006 Nitro Electric, AEP Mountaineer,New Haven,WV Journeyman Electrician - 2006 - 2006 Brown Electric, AEP Mountaineer, New Haven,WV Journeyman Wireman - 2006 - 2006 ICI, Carbo, VA Journeyman Wireman - 2006 - 2006 ICI, Carbo,VA Journeyman Wireman - 2005 - 2005 ICI, Carbo,VA Journeyman Wireman - 2005 - 2005 Nitro Electric, AEP Carbo,VA Journeyman Wireman - 2004 - 2004 GUBMK, TVA Rogersville,TN Journeyman Wireman - 2004 - 2004 Brown Electric, AEP Carbo,VA Journeyman Wireman - 2002 - 2002 GUBMK, TVA Rogersville,TN Journeyman Wireman - 2001 - 2001 GUBMK, TVA Rogersville,TN Journeyman Wireman - 2000 - 2000 GUBMK, TVA Rogersville,TN Journeyman Wireman - 2000 - 2000 Delta Electric, UPS Hub Louisville,KY Data Collector - 2000 - 2000 Census Bureau, Gate City,VA Journeyman Wireman - 1999 - 1999 Brown Electric, AEP Carbo,VA Owner - Self Employed - 1995 - Present Osborne's Lock,A/C,Elec - Millennium Security Services, Nickelsville,VA Apprentice - 1992 - 1993 Sach's Electric, New Bristol Hospital Bristol,TN Apprentice Electrician - 1992 - 1992 New River Electric, Substation Kingsport,TN Apprentice Electrician - 1991 - 1992 Shelly Electric, VA Hospital Johnson City,TN Apprentice Electrician - 1990 - 1990 Henly and Gillespie, 601 Penn Ave Bristol,TN Apprentice Electrician - 1990 - 1990 Johnson's Modern Electric, Penny's remodel Kingsport,TN HVAC Installer Helper - 1988 - 1989 Commercial Environmental Systems, Johnson City,TN Cashier,Receiver,Merchandiser,Security,Cashier - 1982 - 1987 SuperX Drugs, Athens,TN Plumbing Helper - 1976 - Present Kermit Osborne, Nickelsville,VA EDUCATION Certificate, Photojournalist - 2008 Freelance Photo Journalist, Lewisville, NC I am a member of the International Freelance Photographers Organization. I also am a member of IFPO Press member. B.S., Security Technology Management - 2004 International University, Grandview,Missouri This degree was based on life experience and college credit. Associate, Management and Business Administration - 2004 AMBAI U, Online Online Course. Certificate, HVACR - 1995 Virginia Highlands Community College, Abingdon,VA I have competed all of the course work and only lack english 101 for my degree.I have made plans to complete it and had planned to graduate this year but I have taken some other schools for now. A.A., Electrical Engineering - 2008 Education Direct, Scranton,PA I am at the last examinations at this time.I just do not have the time to complete them. I need to retake 3 tests to graduate. Diploma, Locksmithing - 1995 Foley Belsaw, Chaska,MN Locksmithing course. Diploma, Advanced Locksmithing - 1995 Foley Belsaw, Chaska,MN Advanced locksmithing course. Certificate, Computer Repair - 2001 SouthEastern Institute of Computer Technology, Online Course Basic computer repair course. Certificate, Electricity I & II - 1981 Scott County Vocational Center, Gate City,VA Electricity courses.Over 600 hours total. Certificate, Technician Class Ham License - 2003 ARRL, Coeburn,VA Ham license. Certificate, Registered Safe Technician - 2002 National Safeman's Organization, Streamwood,IL First safe repair designation. Certificate, Electrical/HVAC - 2002 ASE, Bristol,TN Testing Center Automotive electrical/HVAC repair certification. Certificate, Homeland Security - 2002 AST - HITS, Online Program Certificate, Certified Journeyman Safecracker - 2004 National Safeman's Organization, Streamwood,IL Certificate, Private Investigation Certificate - 2004 EU School of Private Investigation, Online program Certificate, Fiber Optic/LAN - 2001 AMP, IBEW 934 A class that was held at a local union hall to learn fiber optic and LAN cabling installation and termination. Diploma, Networking Specialist - 2004 Foley Belsaw, Chaska,MN Diploma, Computer Programming - 2005 Foley Belsaw, Chaska,MN This course taught C++,Basic, and Visual with the VB.Net as advanced independent study.I am going to get a letter from the school for the VB.Net.They were out of the Visual Basic 6 program but I am going to study it by using the SAM Visual Basic in 21 days course. Certificate, Ethical Hacking - 2006 Appin Knowledge Solutions, Online Course I have received my certificate on January 10,2006.They are located online. Diploma, Personal Computer Repair - 2005 Foley Belsaw, Chaska,MN Diploma,Professional Gunsmithing - 2006 Foley Belsaw, Chaska,MN I graduated January 16,2006. Certificate, Personal Security - 2006 Spirit Of The Warrior, Home study bodyguard course. Certificate, Webmaster - 2008 Web Yoda, Internet Online school to earn Webmaster certificate.IEEE certified classes. I started classes 1/1/2008. Diploma, Telecommunications - 2007 Education Direct, Distance Education Telecommunications course covering electronics, fiber optics, satellites, etc. I graduated 12/24/2007. Criminal Psychology 1 - 2008 Virtual University, Online 2 CEU course on Serial Killers. Criminal Psychology 2 - 2008 Virtual University, Online 2 CEU course on Serial Killers. Healing Herbs & Natural Remedies - 2008 Virtual university, Online 2 CEU course on Healing Herbs & Natural Remedies . SKILLS * Electrical: conduit bending,conduit threading,cable pulling,telephone cabling,fiber optic cabling,computer network cabling,hand tools,power tools * HVAC: soldering,brazing,minor welding,use of gauges,hand tools,power tools,refrigerant recovery,charging * Locksmithing: create keys,pick locks,install locks,masterkey * Safeman: drill safe,repair safe,change combinations * Computer Repair: component testing,software installation,component replacement * Fiber Optic and LAN: installation,testing,termination * Telephones: cable installation and some termination experience * Computer Programming: basic skills * Security: some investigation experience,shoplifting prevention experience,consultant experience,locksmithing,safe work * Engineering Tech: I should have considerable knowledge in a lot of these areas.I have been a licensed electrician for over 10 years and I am attending a distance education course. AFFILIATIONS * Membership Certificate, International Foundation of Protection Officers (IFPO), Internet 2003 - 2006 * Member, International Private Investigators Union, Internet 2005 - 2006. Organization for Private Investigators and apprentices. * Automobile Technician, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), Internet 2002 - 2012. Recertified for from 2007 - 2012 for Electrical/Electronics and HVAC. * Student Alumni Association, Trinity College and University 2001 * Alumni Association, The International University 2004 * Bonded Member, National Safeman's Organization, Streamwood,IL 2005 - 2006 * Bonded Member, National Locksmith Association, Streamwood,IL 2005 - 2007 * Trained Spotter, Skywarn 2005. Volunteer severe weather spotter for National Weather Service. * Member, IEEE, New York,NY 2001 - 2007. I have been a member for 6 years. * Member, International High IQ Society, Internet 2001. A society for people with above average IQ's. LICENSES * Type 1 Refrigerant Recovery, AHAM NARDA, EPA 1994 * Type 1 & 2 Refrigerant Recovery, Sears Product Services, EPA 1994 * Electrical License, City of Bristol,TN, Bristol,TN 2005 - 2006 * Type 1 Automotive Refrigerant Recovery, IMACA, Fort Worth,TX 1994 * Master HVAC Master Electrician, Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation, State of Virginia 1997 - 2009 * OSHA #30, OSHA 2005. 30 hour OSHA certification. * OSHA 10, OSHA 2004 * Master Electrician, West VA Electrical License, West VA 2006 * Master Electricians License, State Of VA, State Of VA 1997 - 2009. State of VA Master Electricians License ADDITIONAL TRAINING * The National Locksmith Magazine, National Locksmith Association 1995. I have been reading this magazine monthly since 1995. * NSO Quarterly, National Safeman's Organization. I receive a quarterly magazine that has safe information. * Loss Prevention Magazine, IPIU 2005. I receive this magazine that has PI and security articles. * Software Development Magazine, Software Development 2005. Magazine for software developers. * Computer Magazine, MaximumPC 2003 * Computer Enterprise Magazine, eWeek 2003 * Computer Security, Secure Enterprise 2005 * Electrical Contractor Magazine, Electrical Contractor Magazine 2000 "

Charles Osborne, Nickelsville, VA

"Check out our Great GEEK UNDIES Category at Crazy Undies for every GEEK or GEEKESS!!!"

Bob Bloedel, Fort Myers FL

"I ran into a situation where a mainboard didn't boot. I tried a bunch of things, but no luck. Noticed that the 1500uf electrolytic capacitors on that mainboard appeared swollen. I then canabalized some older "dead" power supplies and extracted a dozen replacement electrolytic capacitors. I think used a soldering iron, a solder sucker, a pair of high power magnifying glasses with attached light (super geeky stuff) and unsoldered/removed the old caps, replaced with the salvaged caps, hooked her "

Nick, Longwood, Florida

"Well i am the biggest Geek you see my name says it. I go by Jeff The Geek. I even have a web site, i have t-shirts, business cards that says i am a geek. do a google search on my name Jeff The Geek. Hey there is No one that is a geek as big as me. Come on, I am the GEEK, Jeff The Geek....!!!!!"

jeff, salt lake city utah

"I was explaining to a girl how she might look good when you saw her, but that her attractiveness would go up or down over time depending on personality. I actually drew out a graph with 1 - 10 for "attractiveness" on the Y axis and time on the X axis, and showed how over time that would change."

Rex, Santa Clara, CA

"I run a domain with multiple GPO's for the 5 people in my house, 3 of which are under the age of 5."

Cory Monson, Ottawa, Ks

"Here is proof in the pudding! I spend my time doing things like this: And to Alert Others about the Smoking Deals at Pacific Geeks! Nada penny to spread the word do I get. It's called LOYALTY! Anyhow I am an expert deal editor on the site and just had to put BIG Plugs In for one of my Favorite Electronics Sites!"

Denise Difalco, Fort Gratiot, MI 48059

"Oh this is an easy one. I don't know anyone who can sit at a computer longer and ENJOY looking at computer stuff longer. Oh there are many who know more than I do and I call myself computer literate but I'm hooked!"

Sandra Garcia, Grenville, Nm

"I often play timed chess online, while in another window playing the massively multiplayer online "World of Warcraft" in 25 man dungeon raids, all 25 players speech connected via Ventrillo, yelling out instructions and healing assignments... all while listening to Discovery HD munching on Jelly Belly's. Life is good for a geek these days, yes?"

Bill Jones, New Port Richey, FL

"Remember High School, where they had that group that called themselves a "Radio Station" and all they did was broadcast really annoying awful music into the cafeteria and they would never turn it down! Well, one late night at school I lifted a ceiling panel and inserted a properly calculated capacitor into the speaker line so the speaker sounded weak and "tinny." The school ate lunch in peace for weeks till I took out the cap before the end of school. No one ever found out what really was wrong with the system."

Jamie, Rochester, NY


Pacific Geek

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