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 iGo wall85 70W Universal AC/DC Adapter w/8 Power Tips & Dual Power Accessory   

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iGo Mobility Electronics
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Pacific Geek computer parts 

iGo wall85 70W Universal AC/DC Adapter w/8 Power Tips & Dual Power Accessory
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Pacific Geek computer parts
 Product Features Pacific Geek computer parts

Power and charge your notebook computer with this iGo wall85 70W Universal Notebook AC/DC Power Adapter!
This iGo wall85 features eight (8) notebook power tips (2/3/6/12/14/31/34/35) that will provide power to most brand name notebooks including Acer, Averatec, Alienware, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Sony, Toshiba and Lenovo!

The iGo wall85 comes with the iGo dual power accessory to power/charge your notebook and a second gadget such as a mobile phone, Bluetooth headset, smart phone/PDA, MP3 player and more at the same time. This power accessory is also a stand-alone DC adapter for a mobile device with the included auto charging plug!

  • iGo wall85 70W Universal AC/DC Adapter

  • General Features:
  • Power your notebook anywhere
  • Input: 100 - 230V, 50/60Hz, 2A
  • Output: 15.24V
  • Up to 70W continuous
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Power multiple devices with one adapter from any standard wall outlet
  • Power two mobile devices at once with the included iGo dual power accessory

  • Supported Acer Notebook:
  • Tip 2: Aspire: 5580-6432
  • Tip 14: Aspire: 2000/2001LCi/2003LMi/2010/2012WLCi/2012WLMi/2020/2025WLMi/3613/3618AWLCi/
  • 3622WXCi/3623NWXMi/3623WLCi/3623WLMi/3623WXCi/3623WXMi/3642WXCi/3624WXMi/5002WLMi/5100/
  • 5100-3583/5102WLMi/5672WLMi
  • Tablet: TMC104TCi/TMC110TCi
  • TravelMate: 2300/2301LC/23001LCi/2301WLCi/2301XC/2303XC/2303LC/2303LCi/2303WLCi/2304LCi/
  • 2304WLCi/2350/2440/3200/4000/4000LCi/4000WLCi/4001LCi/4001WLCi/4001WLMi/4002WLMi/4050/
  • 4100/4500/4501WLMi/4502LMI/4600/6000/6003LMi/6020/6030/6050/6050NT/8000/8002LCi/8003LMi/
  • 8006LMi/8100/8103WLMi/8104WLMi/C110CT/C110Ti/C111TCi/C111Ti/C112TCi/C112Ti/C113TCi/C113Ti/
  • C300/C301XCi/C301XCi-G/C301XCi-G-SP/C302XCi/C302XMi/C303XMi/TMC110

  • Supported Alienware Notebook:
  • Tip3: Sentai: M3200/M3400

  • Supported Averatec Notebook:
  • Tip 3: 3120V/3150H Series/3150P/3200/3220H Series/3225HS/3250H Series/5100/5110H Series/
  • 5110P/3240/AV3500T60/AV6200H60/AV6210HX80/AV6210X60/1150-EW1/2150-EH1/2155-EH1/225-EH1
  • 2260 Series/2370HM1E-1/AV1050 Series/AV3250 Series/AV3255P1/AV3270 Series/AV3220-EH1/
  • AV3360 Series/AV3500T80/AV3715-EH1/AV4115-EE1/AV4155-EH1/AV4265-EH1/AV4270-EH1/AV5500/
  • AV6110-EH1/AV6236

  • Supported Compaq Notebook:
  • Tip 2: NC4000/NC4010/NC6000/NC6220/NC6230/NC8000/NW8000/NX7000/NX7010/NC4200/NC6120/NC6200/
  • NX5000/NX6100/NX6110/NX6115/NX6120/NX6125/NX7200/TC4200
  • Business Notebook: NX6120/NX9020/NX9040
  • Evo: N110/N150/N200/N400C/N410c/N600/N610c/N620c/N800c/N800v/N800w
  • Presario: C302NR/C303NR/C304NR/C306US/C307NR/M2000 Series/M2100 Series/M2200 Series/V1000
  • Series/V1100 Series/V2000 Series/V2100 Series/V2300 Series/V2400 Series/V2500 Series/V2600
  • Series/V3000 Series/V4000 Series/V4100 Series/V4200 Series/V4300 Series/V5000 Series/V5100
  • Series/V5200 Series
  • Tip 3: Evo: N115/N116/N180
  • Tip 34: NC4200/NC4400/NC61440/NC6320/NC6400/NX6310/NX6325/NX7400/TC4400

  • Supported Dell Notebook:
  • Tip 3: Inspiron: 1200/1300/2200/3000/3200/3500/7000/B120/B130
  • Latitude: 110L
  • Tip 35: Latitude: D400/D500/D600/X300/D410/D505/D600/D610/131L/D520 ATG/D420/D510
  • Precision: M20
  • Inspiron: 710m/300m/500m/600m/510m/6000/630m/700m/1501m/1405/640m

  • Supported Fujitsu Notebook:
  • Tip 3: LifeBook: A1010/Amilio L/C1010/C1020/C2010/C2300 Series/C6xx5/Cxxx7/E2010/E4010/
  • E4010D/E6600 Series/E66xx/E7010/E7110/E8010/E8010D/E8020/S7010/S7010D/S7110/T4010/E4010D/
  • E4020

  • Supported Gateway Notebook:
  • Tip 3: 400SD4/400VTX/4012GZ/4024GZ/4026HZ/4028GZ/450ROG/450SX4/4350 Series/4535GZ/
  • 4536GZ/4538GZ/4540GZ/600YG Series/M500/3018GZ/3520GZ/3522GZ/3525GB/3545GZ/3550
  • Series/3610GZ/4025GZ/450RGH/4520GZ/4542GP/6010GZ/6018 Series/6020GZ/6021 Series/6022Gz/
  • 6023GP/6510GZ/6518GZ/6520GZ/6525GP/3531GZ/CX200 Series/CX2600 Series/CX2720/CX2724/CX2726/
  • E-100M Series/ M250 Series/M360 Series/M460 Series/MP6954//MP8708/MX3042/MX3044
  • Series/MX3210/MX3215/ MX3228/MX3230/MX3231/MX3414/MX3416/MX3558/MX3560 Series/MX3562/MX3563
  • Series/MX6025 Series/MX6027 Series/MX6028/M6030/X6028/MX6030/MX6121/MX6123/MX6437/MX6439/
  • MX6440/MX6441/MX6444/MX6445/MX6446/MX6447/MX6448/MX6450/MX6454/MX6455/MX6625/
  • MX6627 Series/MX6441/MX6550 Series/MX6710/MX6912/MX6920/MX6927/MX6930/MX6931/NX100X/NX200
  • Series/NX250X/NX260X/NX500 Series/NX510/NX550 Series/S-7200 Series/S-7500N
  • Tablet: M1200/M1300

  • Supported HP Notebook:
  • Tip 2: Business Tablet: TC4200
  • Pavilion: DV1000 Series/DV1100 Series/DV1200 Series/DV1300 Series/DV1400 Series/
  • DV1500 Series/DV1600 Series/DV2000 Series/DV4000 Series/DV4100 Series/DV4200 Series/
  • DV4300 Series/DV4400 Series/DV5000 Series/DV5100 Series/DV5200 Series/DV6100 Series/
  • DV8000 Series/DV8100 Series/DV8200 Series/DV8300 Series/
  • Special Edition: L2000 Series/L2105CA/L2105CL/L2105NR/L2310CU
  • Tip 3: Pavilion: N3200 Series/N300 Series/N3400 Series/N5100 Series/N5200 Series/N5300
  • Series/N5400 Series/N6300 Series/N6400 Series/ZE1000/ZE1100 Series/ZE1200 Series/ZE4100
  • Series/ZE4200 Series/ZE4300 Series/ZE5715CA

  • Supported Sony Notebook:
  • Tip 12: VAIO: CIXW/FX Series/FXA32/FXA33/FXA36/FXA36/FXA63/GRS Series/NV Series/NVR23/
  • PCG-FRV25/PCG-FX240 Series/PCG-FX390 Series/PCG-R505GL Series/R500/R505 Series/R600 Series/
  • VGN-A130 Series/VGN-A140 Series/VGN-A150/VGN-A160/VGN-A170 Series/VGN-A190/VGN-A230 Series/
  • VGN-A240/VGN-A250/VGN-A260/VGN-A270 Series/VGN-A290/VGN-A60091/VGN-A690/VGN-A790/
  • VGN-FE590 Series/VGN-FE690GB/VGN-FS500 Series/VGN-FS520B/VGN-FS530B/VGN-DX540P/
  • VGN-FS550 Series/VGN-FS570/VGN-HS620P/W/VGN-FS625B/W/VGN-FS630/W/VGN-FS635B/W/VGN-FS640/W/
  • VGN-FS645P/H/VGN-FS660 Series/VGN-FS675P/H/VGN-FS680/W/VGN-FS690 Series/VGN-FS740/W/
  • VGN-FS715/W/VGN-FS730/W/VGN-FS740/W/VGN-FS742/W/VGN-FS750P/W/VGN-FS770/W/VGN-FS830/W/
  • VGN-FS940/VGN-FS960P/VGN-FS980/VGN-FS990/Z505 Series/Z600 Series

  • Supported Toshiba Notebook:
  • Tip 3: Satellite: A100 Series/A105 Series/110-ST1111/A60-128/A80-S178TD/L15-S104/L20-S310TD/
  • L25 Series/L35 Series/M105-S1011/M105-S1021/M115-S1061/M115-S1064/M115-S1071/M30X Series/
  • M35X Series/M60-161/M65/S8092/M65-S8213
  • Tecra: L2-S011/L2S022
  • Tip 6: Libretto: U100-S213/U-105
  • Portege: 3505 Table/4000/4005/A100/A200/M200-S218TD/M200-S838/M205 Series/M400 Series/
  • M405-S8003/R150/R200 Series/R205-S2062/R205-S209/S100 Series
  • Satellite: 5105 Series/5205 Series/A10 Series/A105 Series/A15 Series/A55 Series/M20 Series/
  • M30 Series/M30 Speacil/M35 Series/M40 Series/M45 Series/M5-ST8112/M50 Series/R10 Series/
  • R15-S822/R15-S829/R20-ST4113/R25-S3503/R25-S3513/U200-ST3311/U205 Series
  • Satellite Pro: M10-S405/M10-S406/M15 Series
  • Tecra: 8100/8200/A1/A2 Series/A3 Series/A4 Series/A5 Series/A8 Series/M1/M2 Series/
  • M2V Series/M3 Series/M4 Series/M5-S4331/M6-EZ6611/M6-ST3412/S1/S2/S2-S511TD/S3-S411TD/
  • TE2000/TE2100/TE2300

  • Supported Lenovo Notebook:
  • Tip 31: 3000/C200/3000C/C100/3000V/V100
  • ThinkPad: X600/X60 Tablet/X60s/Z61e/Z61m/Z6lt

  • Charger Unit Dimensions:
  • 1.27 x 2.07 x 4.05-inches (H x W x D, approximate)

  • Regulatory Approvals:
  • FCC
  • CE
  • BSMI
  • C-Tick
  • CCCC
  • TUV/GS
  Package Includes:
  • Power Adapter
  • Eight (8) Notebook power tips (2/3/6/12/14/31/34/35)
  • Manual
  • Notebook input cord
  • AC power cord
  • Zippered pouch
  • iGo dual power accessory with auto charging plug (DC input: 11.5 - 24VDC)
  Additional Information:
  • Notes:
  • Model: PS00086-0003
  • UPC: 7 63810 01644 8
  • iGo dual power accessory power tips not included
  • For tip compatibility, look at second link below - other tips are sold separately by iGo)

  • Product Requirements:
  • Supported notebook
  • Available power outlet
  • Car power outlet
  Informational Links:
  iGo Website
  Power Tip Compatibility Link
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